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the poetry wars of 1984

britpop hip-hop
27 September 1987
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"She said she liked The Rolling Stones, but she's only got the greatest hits."

.My name is Emily.
.If you couldn't guess from 'Emily', I'm a girl. Or 'woman', I suppose.
.I am technically 19 years old, but feel 14, mentally.
.I read English at Hertford College, Oxford, so I will inevitably end up as a newsreader on the BBC (cf. Natasha Kaplinsky, Fiona Bruce).
.I hope one day to emulate Evelyn Waugh and drink for Hertford.
.I conform to the Oxford doctrine, namely work hard, play hard and do it all whilst wearing stupid gowns & being photographed by Japanese tourists.
.I like to read.
.I like to listen to music.
.Strangely, I don't like audiobooks.
.I like shoes.
.I like obscure, defunct Britpop bands.
.I like the 80s & 90s.
.I like tea, although not when you drink it too quickly & it burns your tongue so you can't taste properly for days afterwards.
.I dislike bad grammar & spelling, especially the misuse of apostrophe's (oh ho ho).
.I very much dislike phoning people I don't know, or opening the door when I am not expecting anyone.
.I hate Comic Sans.
.I am sure that sex with Jarvis Cocker would be Best Evz.
.I am more of a loser than this would suggest, I think.



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